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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
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Put the power of Predictive Maintenance to work for you

Rely on SSM Mechanical Services to show you how your equipment is really performing. SSM Predictive Maintenance helps keep your equipment running at peak efficiency—and peak profitability.

What you don’t know about the condition of your equipment can seriously impact your bottom line.
    That’s why it pays to rely on the highly trained team of experienced technicians at SSM Mechanical Services. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic devices to thoroughly analyze your equipment, even to the point of predicting equipment downtime.
    Armed with this information, you can schedule replacements and repairs to prevent downtime, optimizing the life of your equipment, maximizing productivity, and saving substantial time and money.

A strategic division of
Streimer Sheet Metal Company

For more than half a century, Streimer Sheet Metal Works has supplied companies throughout the Pacific Northwest with architectural sheet metal, fabricated products, HVAC services, and industrial contracting.
    In 2005, Streimer founded SSM Mechanical Services to provide performance analyses, Predictive Maintenance, and replacement and repair services, all designed to keep your complex machinery running smoothly.

Factory Authorized
Installation and Service

Component Replacement
Energy Trust of Oregon
Gain valuable information about how your equipment is really performing. We’ll eliminate any guesswork and provide accurate documentation on the status of your equipment, including predicted downtime.
    Call 503-943-6006 to arrange your FREE performance audit or to obtain more information.

This offer is valid for one piece of equipment for a maximum of two hours. Certain restrictions apply.

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