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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Value Engineering / Budgeting
Value Engineering / Budgeting
Additional Services
Additional Services

Turn to SSM Mechanical Services for a host of capabilities

While our Predictive Maintenance services represent an excellent opportunity for you to keep your equipment running efficiently and profitably, that’s just the beginning.
    SSM Mechanical offers many additional beneficial services. On new equipment, we provide peace-of-mind service for start-ups, including commissioning, testing and balancing, equipment adjustments, modifications, and monitoring.
    We can also create customized programs to accommodate special needs. Call us at 503-943-6006 for more information.

Our extensive list of SSM Mechanical additional services includes:

Installing electric motor VFD-shaft-grounding devices
Repairing and replacing shafts, bearings, and motors
Refurbishing and retrofitting existing equipment
Replacing heating and cooling coils
Installing and adjusting pneumatic actuators
Installing ULPA and HEPA pre-filters
Commissioning and supporting new equipment warranties


Factory Authorized
Installation and Service

Component Replacement
Energy Trust of Oregon

Specialized refrigeration
installation services

Whatever your requirements for mechanical services, SSM Mechanical can satisfy them, including capabilities for refrigeration installation. Rely on us to provide service for the following:

Make-up/return air handlers
Gas pack units/ air conditioning units
Coil repairs/ coil replacements
Compressor retrofits
Refrigeration piping
Refrigerant reclaim/ evacuation
Refrigerant component replacement
“We’re passionate about what we do. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help a client determine why a particular piece of equipment is malfunctioning and then fixing it.”
Ed Hill | Operations Manager | SSM Mechanical Services