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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
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Know how your equipment
is really performing

Maintain your equipment at peak efficiency. Predictive Maintenance goes to the very heart of your equipment operations.

We know it’s not enough to perform preventive maintenance services on equipment, because it doesn’t give you any real insight about how your equipment is performing, and downtime can strike at any time.
    That’s why we’ve developed Predictive Maintenance, a service that thoroughly analyzes your equipment and tells you exactly when equipment downtime is due to occur.

Tap the power of knowledge

The more you know about your equipment, the more proactive you can be.
    With Predictive Maintenance from SSM Mechanical Services, you’ll gain valuable insight into the inner workings of your key equipment, so you can take any necessary steps to prevent downtime.
    What’s more, unlike many mechanical contractors, we possess the skill and capabilities to replace parts and perform repairs on a wide range of equipment. We are extremely knowledgeable in the area of fan assemblies, critical components for operational efficiency.
   Every performance audit features thorough documentation. You’ll receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report that includes vital information on all applicable equipment, including “yellow” alerts, “red” imminent failure warnings, and predicted downtime dates.

Factory Authorized
Installation and Service

Component Replacement
Energy Trust of Oregon

We’re skilled in utilizing a variety
of analysis tools

We are one of the only firms in the Pacific Northwest that offers Shock Pulse Measurement (SPM), vibration analysis, and computerized/laser alignment.

Shock Pulse Measurement (SPM)

Our Shock Pulse Management (SPM) data collections accurately forecast future equipment downtime by detecting non-visible bearing and shaft surface race damage. SPM audits are vital to diagnose bearing conditions for electric motors and pump system assemblies.
    SPM is a highly specialized skill and differentiates SSM Mechanical from other mechanical contractors. More than 95% of our competitors do not offer SPM capabilities.

“We’re passionate about what we do. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help a client determine why a particular piece of equipment is malfunctioning and then fixing it.”
Ed Hill | Operations Manager | SSM Mechanical Services

Vibration analysis

We perform thorough vibration analysis to accurately diagnose your equipment’s structural resistance frequencies, including dynamic wheel and shaft assembly trim balancing.

Computerized/laser alignment

Bearing wear and fatigue can cause high vibration levels that lead to early equipment failure. Computerized/laser alignment from SSM Mechanical can correct the misalignment of fan motors, couplers, pumps, V-belts, and drive sheaves, helping to increase the overall life of your equipment.

Rely on SSM Predictive Maintenance on a wide range of equipment

Let SSM Mechanical keep your equipment running—in peak and profitable condition. Put us to the test on all of the following:

• Make-up/return air handlers
• Pressure blowers
• Scrubber/Exhaust fans
• Van-axial fans and tube-axial fans
• Cooling towers
• Electric motors
• Process pumps

SSM Mechanical Services offers Predictive Maintenance across a wide swath of industry segments, including financial institutions, hospitals, government buildings, light manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, and more.

FREE equipment performance audit—a $350 value

Let us perform a FREE audit and help you gain vital insight into equipment performance.
    Learn how to stop unscheduled downtime, maintain your equipment at peak efficiency, keep it running longer, and save on replacement and repair costs.
   Call 503-943-6006 to schedule your FREE performance audit or for more information.

This offer is valid for one piece of equipment for a maximum of two hours. Certain restrictions apply.