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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
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Value Engineering / Budgeting
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Additional Services

SSM value engineering and consulting support

Look to SSM Mechanical Services for highly knowledgeable value engineering capabilities. Our many years of experience enable us to analyze, evaluate, and develop unique ideas for expansion, design modifications, and upgrades.
    We approach each value engineering assignment with a time-proven process that incorporates the following steps:

1. Preparation
2. Information gathering
3. Analysis
4. Idea generation
5. Discussion and evaluation
6. Recommendations
7. Development and implementation
8. Follow-up

You’ll also find us to be an invaluable partner in specifying and defining HVAC RFQ packages. We are well-experienced in air handler and fan manufacturing and we can recommend various design concepts and help you fine-tune your system layouts.

Budgeting consultation and forecasting services

The skill and accuracy of SSM Predictive Maintenance enables us to monitor and trend your equipment performance and help you plan and budget future repairs and replacement parts.


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Installation and Service

Component Replacement
Energy Trust of Oregon
“We’re passionate about what we do. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help a client determine why a particular piece of equipment is malfunctioning and then fixing it.”
Ed Hill | Operations Manager | SSM Mechanical Services